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M8 Tail Race Gas Turbo KitTial_upclose

OVS determined after testing that the Tail turbine housing and external wastegate spools faster and makes more power than the Garrett internal wastegate turbine housing . Comparing the two designs you would have to run 3lbs higher boost on the Garrett internal wastegate design to make the same power as the Tial turbine housing with the external wastegate. The OVS M8 Tial race gas kit was designed and manufactured with the highest quality parts, starting with the Simmons/OVS billet air box. This CNC machined air box uses a machined o-ring fit to seal to the throttle bodies. The inlet design of  the air box allows for equal distribution to both cylinders. The retaining system will not allow the air box or throttle bodies to be blown off at high boost levels. OVS uses 2.5" mandrel bent charge tube for less restriction and better cooling of the boosted air. OVS has tested and seen a 45 degree temperature reduction from the outlet of the turbo to the inlet of the air box with are charge tube design. Shorter charge tubes will see higher inlet temperatures at the air box causing lower horsepower numbers. OVS offers another industry first design with the exhaust clamping system that makes for easier pipe install and removal. The exhaust clamp system replaces the need for old exhaust springs that break and do not keep the pipe tight. The OVS exhaust clamps stay in place and hold the pipe secure. Another OVS industry first is the OVS exhaust link that lets the external wastegate do it's job without interrupting the exhaust flow. This is done by taking the exhaust equally from the perimeter between the pipe and turbine housing so the exhaust stream has the least amount of  interruption into the Tial turbine housing as possible. If you are looking for the best turbo kit for your M8 this is the one. Kit comes with the following: GT2871R Garrett turbo, Tial housing and wastegate, Tial compressor housing, muffler with side exhaust outlet, oil tank and high volume oil pump, OVS/Simmons billet air box with blow-off valve, 2.5" mandrel bent charge tube, high volume fuel pump, OVS in tank bypass system, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure gauge, OVS fuel controller, secondary injectors and all necessary hardware to install  the turbo kit. This kit can be used with or with out the factory oil injection system.

New for 2011
Adjustable Tial wastegate

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M8 Tial Race Gas Turbo kit 5700.00 USD
M1000 Turbo Clutch Kit
$499.00 USD
Kit includes OVS torsional conversion Kit, OVS turbo helix, driven clutch spring, OVS abjustable cam arms and drive spring.


OVS Turbo Intercooler kit
$699.00 USD
Kit includes intercooler, high flow intercooler fan, 2.5"manderl bent tubing, silicone hoses, clamps and intercooler mounting hardware. OVS testing has shown charge tempature reduction as high as 170 degrees with less than a 1.5lb drop aacross this intercooler.

OVS Gauge kit with AEM 02
399.00 USD

This kit has a billet handlebar clamp with the 2" gauge pods to add a clean and finished look to your new turbo sled. The clamp also has a front mount for the factory speedometer to be mounted on the handlebars. The clamping assembly allows the AEM, boost gauge and fuel pressure gauge to be mounted were the driver can easily read and obtain the information that the gauges provide. This kit includes handlebar clamp, gauge pods, speedometer mount and AEM o2 gauge kit.

Vent kit
Turbo Vent Kit $199.00 USD
This kit includes the left and right vent panels with exhaust exit for turbo muffler and vent for the factory exhaust opening.

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