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Pure Logic has an electronic jet kit all EFI snowmobiles. The real technology behind the Pure Logic Box is that functions like a carburetor. It takes the knowlegde and experience many people have and converts it to a fuel injection interface. Simply figure out at what point the sled is having trouble and make adjustments just like adjusting the pilot jet and mixture screws, needle and slide speed, or main jet. The correstonding mode in our box will change that point in the fuel delivery curve just like a carb would. Our control box makes it easy to tune for different  modifacations. The Pure Logic box is designed to be used on EFI sleds that are stock or have been preformance enhancments like pipes, heads, big bore kits and even turbos. With the patented ST technology this box does not default computers or trip engine lights. The Pure Logic box works through a load based system that moniters the demand on your motor and makes fuel adjustments on the fly to provide a perfectly tuned sled. This unit plugs directly in your factory wiring harness for easy installs.

Key benefits include:
  • Allows addition and subtraction fuel required with engine modifications without upsetting stock fuel map
  • Push button modes provide easy adjustment and fine tuning of fuel delivery curve without external programming devices.
  • LED lights indicate fuel delivery settings while tuning.
  • All boxes are nitrous ready for any appliction or nitrous kit out there.
  • Custom tuning available if needed for any application or special needs
Please contact us for more information.
Pure Logic non boost
For more information on Pure Logic Boxs call Travis at 801-940-7777
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